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Joshua Oxendine Tribe:  Lumbee Tribe of NC

Joshua, resident of Monroe, NC is a Marine, husband, father, Christian and a professional MMA Fighter.  If you would like to support Joshua you can find him on social media and view his sponsorship package here .  His next fight is May 22nd in Kingsport, TN.  Tickets are $40. Joshua also does personal fitness training.


Tonia Jacobs Deese

Tribe:  Waccamaw Siouan

Occupation:  Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Fitness Instructor

Tonia (Jacobs) Deese grew up in Lake Waccamaw, NC and is a member of the Waccamaw Siouan Tribe. She is married to Antonio (Lumbee) and they have one daughter, Isabelle Grace Deese. Tonia is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a certified Revelation Wellness Group Fitness Instructor. In her full time work, she conducts continuing education classes for social workers throughout NC. Part-time, she provides mental health counseling to teens, adults, and families. She specializes in the treatment of anxiety, depression, recovery from trauma, body-image / self-esteem, holistic wellness and family therapy. She is one of the few clinicians in the area that can provide culturally relevant services for American Indian families. Tonia also conducts a 5k (3.1 mile) training group for MNAA through her fitness program: Revelation Wellness® Full Circle. Revelation Wellness® uses fitness as a tool to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. It also focuses on building community and improving personal health.

Therapeutic Family Solutions. The office is located at: 8201 Arrowridge Blvd #136, Charlotte, NC 28273

(919) 740-2909

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