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Metrolina Native American Association was organized to serve as an Urban Indian Center in the Charlotte area and is recognized as such by legislation of the State of North Carolina. The organization has requirements for membership as stated in the bylaws and is set forth by way of policy below.
These requirements are designed to protect the integrity of the organization by keeping accurate records of its membership and making an effort to serve only the families for which the organization was incorporated to serve.


"NATIVE AMERICAN" means a member of or descendant of any North American Indian Group, Alaska Native, or any descendant of a person who lived on the Hawaiian Islands prior to 1778. When the term "Indian" or "American Indian" is used, it is understood that the term includes all persons
defined above.


A person shall be considered eligible for enrollment as a member of Metrolina Native American Association Incorporated when he/she has established himself/herself as a permanent resident of ours service area and attests to the best of his her knowledge that his her ancestors are of Native American descent and satisfies at least one of the definitional factors outlined below.

I. Evidence that the individual or his/her parent has been identified as Native American for a period of at least 10 years by Metrolina Native American Association, a tribe, group, or other community organization recognized by State or Federal Government.

2. Evidence that the individual is currently enrolled or has been enrolled in an Indian Tribe that has been identified as such by a State or Federal Government. (Attach a Copy of tribal roll card)

3. Has been recognized by Metrolina Native American Association in the past through participation in federally sponsored programs for Indians or Native Americans.

4. Identification as Indian by birth certificate, church or school records.

5. Identification as Indian under a special census or study conducted by the Federal Government prior to 1965.

6. The individual is the spouse, Native parent or descendant of a current member of Metrolina Native American Association.

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